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       Many have asked what the initials bdr stands for. They stand for better dog rescue pups. Because this is for small breeds, often referred to as pups. 

        Each animal is observed daily to ensure top health standards.   I'm impressed with these little dogs!

Pomeranians will shed, but are joyful characters to have around. Very easy on the feed bill. 

Pomeranian Toy Aussies shed a little less than normal Poms. They're also easier to train, as they've a bit more intelligence. Other than an occasional brushing, these little dogs are very easy  keepers.

  Maltese Toy Aussies are easy keepers, their hair doesn't grow as fast  and are very alert. Only an annual clipping may be needed. 

Malshi are less maintenance than the Maltese. Very easy on feed.

All these dog types make fun outside dogs when keeping them inside isn't ideal. Little dogs should always have a playmate to avoid antics from boredom. 

These make wonderful therapy dogs and companions.

Hope you enjoyed learning a bit about these few dog types.

Maltese need brushing often to keep from becoming matted. Easy keepers food wise. Best kept out of the wind to avoid becoming matted.

Grooming time!

Nail clipping, face and bum trimming services are available for small canines a reasonable fee.  By appt.only.


As appointments become available, dogs are spayed or nuetered, with some of the donations of those rehomed. However, there are dogs that ARE SPAYED OR NUETERED, available for new homes.

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Text: 9282432203 or email: bdrpups@yahoo.com


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